Instructor: Sam Coffman

A bit about me: I work at the UA Museum of the North and have 15 years of archaeological experience in Alaska and western North America. I'm really looking forward to teaching this course and sharing my knowledge and experience with you.

You can email me with any questions about the course at


Grades: 4-8

Dates: 2/1-3/5

Zoom Times: Mondays, 1 pm

Cost: $195

Description: Discover how archaeologists answer questions about the past from artifacts, features, and animal bones. Pre-recorded videos will be presented online to teach the fundamentals of archaeology and show what it takes to be a real-life archaeologist. Each week there will be a new video, activities to complete, and a Zoom session with a professional archaeologist for a group discussion.

Course Kit Content: Rite-in-the-Rain field notebook, activity and coloring sheets, mechanical pencil, box of crayons & markers, ruler, Sharpie pen, tape measure, flagging tape, plastic artifact bags, a radiocarbon dating comic book, small necklace-making kit, and Jr. Archaeologist badge

Supplies You Will Provide: basic writing utensils