Instructor: Nadav Weiss

A bit about me: Instructor Nadav Weiss has been juggling since he was a child himself. He has taught extensively in schools in Fairbanks, as well as adult classes through OLLI at UAF and other venues.


Grades: 4-8

Dates: February 6 - March 13 - Please note that the schedule has been adjusted for this course.

Meeting Times: Mondays, 4 PM - 5 PM

Location: UPARK Gymnasium, 1000 University Ave.

Cost: $195

Description: All experience levels are welcome! Beginners will learn the basics starting with one ball and will work toward the three-ball cascade and simple passing techniques. More advanced jugglers can work on complex three-ball patterns, 4 and 5 ball techniques, and passing. Rings, diablos, and devil sticks are also available for use. Everyone will practice at their own pace with the teacher on hand to offer instruction in developing new skills and proper techniques. Juggling is a workout that doesn’t feel like exercise and concentrated stress relief that doesn’t feel like meditation. Juggling is helpful for all ages, although most studies focus on its benefits for seniors and school-age children. The process of learning to juggle improves coordination and causes measurable brain growth. It can help lead to improved academic performance because the tracking and sequencing skills developed during juggling practice can improve both reading and math ability. For these benefits, the end result is less important than the practice and the process of learning. The satisfaction of succeeding is just a bonus!