Instructor: Geneva Mottet

A bit about me: I grew up in Southeast Alaska and the San Juan Islands in Washington state, where I gained a love for the natural world through hiking and fishing. I finished my MS in Physics in 2019 at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. I currently live on a homestead near Fairbanks and enjoy sharing my interest in science and the natural world through public outreach and a YouTube channel.

Force, Power, and Pressure: Engine Theory

Grades: 6-12

Dates: Session 1: January 31 - February 28

Zoom Times: Tuesdays, 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Cost: $195

Description: What makes an engine different from a motor? Learn why engines are used to power the modern world by building a model internal combustion engine. Experiment with the theory of heat transfer through hands-on demonstrations of heat moving down a needle from a candle. Explore how the phases of matter are controlled by temperature. Learn about the theory behind what makes an engine work with practice problems and quizzes. Build a working model engine from a tin can. This class is offered with weekly hands-on experiments, problem sets, and Zoom sessions where students can share their learning with the instructor and each other. Study questions, YouTube videos, and other supplementary material will be offered through Google Classroom.

Course Kit Content: labels, sharpie, dowel rods, 10 and 60mL syringes, tin can, foam piston, balloon, distilled water, ice puck mold, dice, sculpture wire, pneumatic tubing, candle, large needle, superglue, masking tape, fly wheel, popsicle sticks, piston rod, curtain rings, lard, chemistry thermometer