Instructor: Geneva Mottet

A bit about me: I grew up in Southeast Alaska and the San Juan Islands in Washington state, where I gained a love for the natural world through hiking and fishing. I finished my MS in Physics in 2019 at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. I currently live on a homestead near Fairbanks and enjoy sharing my interest in science and the natural world through public outreach and a YouTube channel.

Living Chemistry

Grades: 3-7

Dates: Session 1: January 30 - February 27

Zoom Times: Mondays, 3 PM - 4 PM

Cost: $195

Description: How does your body work? Chemistry! In this class, you will learn about the chemicals that make your body work through six squishy experiments. Build a model cell out of clay to learn the names of the parts. Make goo by denaturing protein and extracting DNA from fruit to learn what these chemicals do in your body. Do a DNA code-breaking activity to send a secret message to your friends in class. Enjoy making your own bar of soap to show how your cell membranes are held together, and explore osmosis with bath beads! This class is offered with weekly hands-on experiments and Zoom sessions where students can share their learning with the instructor and each other. Study questions, quizzes, YouTube videos, and other supplementary materials will be offered through Google Classroom.

Course Kit Content: nitrile gloves, labels, sharpie, 1 gallon bag, 100 and 300mL beakers, 100mL cylinder, plastic syringe, pipette, test tubes, parafilm, citric acid, powdered milk, salt, coffee filter, liquid dish soap, olive oil, soap jar and vials, whisk, coconut oil, lye (in small amount with appropriate warning label), distilled water, soap mold, bath beads